“Let Us Make Man in Our Image”

I’m taking part in an event called November Poem a Day.  I won’t bore you with all of them, but if I write something that fits the purpose of this blog I will throw it out there.  I hope this can be of some encouragement to you.

NOVEMBER – Poem a Day #9

“Let us make man in our image”

How can this be?
When these words were spoken, God had no body for us to image
Did we once shine with divine brilliance?
To be sure, we are not what we once were
And we are not what we will one day be

So is image-bearing lost to this state?
By no means!
It’s in the loving
It’s in the selfless acts
It’s in gentleness and kindness
The joy experienced and the peace given
The patience and faithfulness in relationships
The controlling of every word to what is worthy of praise

But it’s in the defending too
The standing at the gate
The rescuing of victims
The mending of broken hearts
The adopting
And the mourning
Yes, by God and his grieved Spirit, in the mourning

And the Creating
Perhaps most profoundly in the creating
The painting, the sculpting, the dancing, the drawing
The writing and filming
The designing and building
The growing and pruning
The preparing of feasts
The brewing of fine wines
The poetry

And the Music
Thank you God for the Music
The composing and arranging
The strumming and drumming
The singing and the ringing of bells
Horns of brass and strings on hollowed wood, hallowed wood
Melody and harmony invisible to the eye
Ear and chest alone can discern their paths, and what paths they take!

So bear-on brothers and sisters,
Until the King of Glory comes again
Sing his praise, mend the broken
Defend the week, humble the strong
Aid the widow and rescue the orphan
Announce freedom to the captives, you bearers of the image of God
Until the King of Glory comes

About ericparkermusic

I'm a tired husband and father who is trusting Jesus to bear fruit in my life.
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