November Poem a Day #15

Mountain Home, November Morning

Overnight, shalom has fallen
Blanketing November morning

Sunlight rests upon the water
And each ripple plays its part in this symphony of peace
The waters have forgotten a stormy past
And they look not to a raging future
Content for now to rest in stillness

The trees that line the lake stand tall in brisk, cool air while Autumn commands they lay their long-carried burdens down
And these obey, faithfully dropping them to the forest floor
Oak, maple, poplar, hickory, birch
Each welcomes a dormant season where labors may wait

And East to West, creatures meander in morning light, taking up neither gallup nor hurried gait
For watchful night has given birth to dawn
Few predators roam now as light betrays their pursuit

From distant acre to waters’ edge
All is at rest in Edenic calm
And so we are, in mountain home, November morning

About ericparkermusic

I'm a tired husband and father who is trusting Jesus to bear fruit in my life.
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