Sheet Music

Chord and Lead Sheets

For those who would like to use these songs in their worship services, I am providing simple chord/lead sheets.  Feel free to print these and make as many copies as you need for your musicians.  If your church has a CCLI license, please report my music when you use it.  Thanks!

Nothing but the Blood

Come for the Feast is Spread

Approach My Soul the Mercy Seat

Light of Light

6 Responses to Sheet Music

  1. June Hanks says:

    Hi Eric. I love what you are doing… Hearing hymns to a non-traditional tunes brings awareness much like my recent experience wearing polarized amber sunglasses for the first time. While driving to work with my new sunglasses, I saw the mountains, the river, the trees…everything…. more vividly. So, thanks for encouraging me to “put on my sunglasses” as I experience “the familiar” in an enlightening way!

    Member, FPCC
    Missionary to Haiti and UTC (teaching physical therapy)

  2. Glenn Anderson says:

    Used Come For The Feast Is Spread last Sunday at Communion. Had a five piece praise band. Guitars, Piano, viola, and congas. It set an amazing mood for the rest of the service. Nothing But The Blood will be next. My wife says I should use it and she’s very smart and also more spiritual than me. I married “up”. Hope you put some more music up. Thanx again. Glenn Anderson

  3. Eric,
    I am preaching through a series entitled “Tulip-Driven Parenting” and I love your version of “O Sons & Daughters.” Do you have a lead sheet or a chord chart that you can make available?
    I would greatly appreciate it.

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